Suffolk Salami

Traditional Air Dried Salami
Handmade from our home reared
Suffolk Pork

Ian and Sue with Suffolk Salami products

With our own carefully selected pork and using soft Suffolk air we produce a genuine Air Dried Fermented Salami. Each Salami is hand made before being hung up to dry for up to 4 months, during which time they loose 40% of their weight. The outside is covered in a white mould similar to the one found on Camembert cheese, this protects the Salami from outside elements.

In 1987 we bought our farm and began to produce specialist breeding stock supplying farmers in the UK and abroad with our breeding pigs.

In 1995 we followed the diversification route and converted some farm buildings into an EEC approved Meat room where we produce a range of pork products. (

Following on from our real love of good food we have always had an ambition to produce salami. So in 2004 we started our research into how we could achieve this dream.

We have really enjoyed the development of our salami having to try out lots of types and visiting markets and producers abroad.